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Phoenix PD Shooting 9JAN2021

Brian Nelson 58m · Shared with Public

I'm often critical of LE marksmanship ability, because most cops shoot rather poorly if you measure skill objectively. This gentleman, however, did right when it mattered. Faced with a very high-stakes shot (suspect with gun holding a baby) the officer immediately took a good supported position with a patrol rifle, applied some magnification to his variable-powered optic, and made an immediately incapacitating headshot. Also big props to the officer (looks like the driver of Domer Pyle's vehicle) who said "No! F**k it, get the kid!" when told to hold up. THAT'S the kind of thing that makes me feel good about cops.

Some takeaways from a gun dude:

I'm willing to bet that this officer sought out training beyond what his department offered, Most police agencies *might* have officers shoot to 50 yards on a full-size humanoid target with a patrol rifle and don't teach any supported-position shooting.

How do you feel about making a 30yd headshot, miss-and-you-hit-a-baby, within 10 second of rolling up to a scene? Do you want to take that shot with a red dot, or would you rather throw some magnification on that thing? Is your rifle zeroed well enough to make that shot? Oh, and that's assuming you HAVE a rifle available. If all you've got is a pistol (like the first dude that rolled up), what's the likelihood of you making that shot with a Glock? Angry d-bags with hostages don't really care what you have in the car, after all.

And now the controversial piece: How many cops would you trust to make that shot if that was YOUR kid? If you think you're one of them, how about setting up a similar target presentation and then doing it. Talk is cheap, but department bullets are free!

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