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Practical 2 Gun Practice Target

I've added a Repair Center for the Practical 2-Gun Target at the bottom of the "Printable Targets" page. You can use that Repair Center on an IPSC Classic target to replicate the scoring zones on the new P2G target being used at the Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun match (and more matches soon).

Scoring is "Minor" power factor, regardless of caliber - A=5pts, C=3pts, D=1pt, M=-10pts. The "K" Zone will count for a single-hit neutralization worth 10 pts (1K equals 2A, maximum of one K-zone hit per target).

This target has to be printed on LEGAL size (8.5x14") paper - most printers can handle that, just make sure you have the print settings configured correctly. The target used at the Cobalt Kinetics Practical 2-Gun is a new cardboard silhouette, I am simply providing these to make practice easier.

Download PDF • 55KB

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