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Printable Targets

These are PDF copies of targets I use for courses and my own personal practice. 

Repair Centers

Repair Centers are very handy tools to prolong the life of a larger, more expensive target by replacing the chewed-up center sections with printed paper rather than replacing the whole target. Note: the use of Repair Centers is generally not allowed for sanctioned action shooting matches. These are posted here for practice use, or use by unsanctioned competitions using the targets mentioned. 

B-8 Repair Center

NRA B-8 Repair Center with white X-Ring. These are useful for a host of standard drills. I prefer the white X as it offers more contrast when the sights are centered on the target.

A-0-8 Target (Metric/IDPA Repair Center)

The "A-0-8" target features a 6x11" box that matches the "Alpha" zone of the common IPSC "Metric" target. The 8-X rings for a B8 target are overlayed on the center with the 8 ring made thicker to represent the 8" "Down Zero" zone on the IDPA target. Print on Kraft or Tan paper to color-match cardboard targets, or use common white paper to train the shooter to more easily center the gun on the highest scoring area of the target. 

"Classic 9-Ring" (IPSC Classic Repair Center)

The Classic 9-Ring serves as a repair center for the IPSC "Classic" target, and has the 9-X rings of a B-8 overlayed on the center of the largest area. Print on white paper to train on placing the gun on the center of the highest-scoring target zone, or print on Kraft/Tan paper to use as a repair center. 

Metric Headshot Repair Center

You'll find that the headshot area of the Metric target gets chewed up QUICK when you're working on it. Instead of replacing the whole target, spray glue this guy on and keep working. Also has the 9-X ring of a B-8 centered on the A-Zone. Print on Kraft or Tan paper to color-match cardboard, or leave it white to work on placing the gun in the high-center head "A-Zone". 

IPSC A Target (A4 Target for USA 8.5x11" paper)

I could not find any printable version of the IPSC A4 Target used for Shotgun matches, so I made one per the dimensions in Appendix B5. These are most commonly used as buckshot targets and replaced after each shooter.

Practice Targets

I find these targets useful for training and practice on specific skills, or for ranges which are limited on distance so smaller targets are desired. 

4x8" Rectangle

4x8" Rectangle with 1.2" Center Circle. Used for the TPC 24 Drill and useful as a general practice target. The circle is centered within the rectangle to provide a reference. 

Triple Ten X

Three 10/X ring centers from the NRA B8. Useful at closer ranges if you wish to only accept 10 ring hits on target transitions, draws, or rhythm drills. 

Offset Training Target

Very useful for learning to work around the mechanical offset of a carbine or RDS-equipped handgun. Use at ranges from 3-10 yards, rounds must strike the grey area without touching the white no-shoot area. Target areas are (bottom to top): 1.5", 1", and .5". 

Scaled Targets

Printable half-size targets for training at short ranges (especially for rifle shooting), or for use in dryfire/airsoft practice. 

Perfect Halfa Charlie

50% version of the A/C zone of the metric target. Due to the height of common letter paper, the lower part of the C Zone had to be cut off. You weren't going to hit down there anyway, but for a half-scale version of the full A/C zone, see the "Legal Halfa Charlie" that prints on 8.5x14" legal paper. 

Classic Halfa Charlie

50% version of the A/C zone of the Classic target. 

Legal Halfa Charlie

Half scale version of the full A/C Zone. Must be printed on 8.5x14" "Legal" paper. 

IPSC Mini Target (11x17) 

50% version of the full IPSC target, white side forward with grey for contrast. These are particularly useful for rifle practice. Must be printed on 11x17" "ledger" paper (any print shop can do this) 

IPSC Micro Target (8.5x11)

1/3 version of the full IPSC target, white side forward with grey for contrast. These are particularly useful for rifle practice. 

Practical 2 Gun Practice Targets

These targets are printable on 8.5x14" "Legal" Paper and are used to change the "A" and add the "K" zone of the P2G target onto an IPSC Classic target. 

P2G A/K Repair Center

Line the bottom of the "A" zone up with the bottom of the old IPSC A-Zone. You now have the A/K zone of the P2G target. 

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