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Professional Shooter.


Match producer.

Firearms And Related Tester.

Contact me:

(435) 773-2323


What I Can Do For You.

I train LEO/Mil units, almost always special operations or SWAT/Special Tactics units.

I train LEO/Mil firearms instructors to teach excellence in shooting as well as how to quickly and accurately diagnose and fix their students.

I produce well organized,  fair, fun, and innovative shooting matches.  See Hard as Hell and Red Oktober as examples.

I train individual and small groups of practical shooting competitors.

I write articles, how-tos, and evaluations about shooting and firearms-related topics.

I evaluate and test gear and provide private performance-oriented feedback for manufacturers and prospective purchasers.


Call or e-mail me to discuss how we can work together.
(435) 773-2323



About Brian.

USPSA Grand Master in 4 divisions.

Match Director and Producer for all Hard as Hell Multigun and Red Oktober shooting matches.

Lead instructor and carbine doctrine developer for Tactical Performance Center.

Trained hundreds of shooters, dozens of departments, agencies, and military units, across the nation and the world.

Winner of multiple Regional, National and World Championship practical shooting titles and awards.

Member of multiple USA world championship teams.

Sponsored shooter for Berry's Bullets, Proof Research, Taran Tactical Innovations, and SoundGear.



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